Easy way to browse banned sites in smartphone without VPN

So, you’ve been using VPN to browse banned sites that have been blocked by your ISP, college, or workplace. Some users may also worry that their ISPs or network administrators may monitor their online activity. We use VPNs for all of these purposes including browsing blocked sites, however regrettably some VPNs are more harmful than helpful. Your data is sold on the black market. Good VPNs are typically pricey.

So, I use this simple and easy method to bypass all the ISPs rules and stay secure while browsing the internet. It’s called re-routing DNS. You need to change your DNS so that all the website you request to browse goes to an external DNS.

In your android smartphone, go to Settings.

Then WiFi and Network

Then click on Private DNS

Choose Private DNS provider hostname and enter dns.google and tap save.

browse banned sites in Android

In your iOS device,

Go to Settings 

Then Wi-Fi and click on (i) button on the site of your network connection.

Then click on configure DNS

then click on manual

then add server and type and

and click on save

browse banned sites in iOS

You’re done

After doing that you are good to browsing blocked and banned sites and you can surf the internet with peace.

Easy way to browse banned sites in smartphone without VPN
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