Using torrent on iPhone or iPad without any extra apps or tools for free

Here is a clear and easy tutorial on using a torrent on iPhone or an iPad. Since Apple Inc. forbids the hosting of torrent programs in the AppStore, iOS users must first download any torrent on a PC before copying it to the device. Here is a quick and legal way to download any torrent file for free to your iPhone or iPad without the need for any additional software or apps.

Step 1. Open the Safari browser on your device.

Step 2. Type in the address bar.

Step 3. Sign up using your email or Facebook or Google. I would recommend using Facebook as it is simpler to log in without the hassle of remembering passwords.

Step 4. Now in another tab open any torrent site. For eg. [for best quality movies] or [for everything else]

Step 5. Download the torrent file

Step 6. Click on “+” sign on webpage. 

Step 7. Click on upload button. Upload the torrent file.

Step 8. The file would now get hosted on server. Click on the file now and download the file from there. 

torrent on iPhone

Step 9. The file would get now downloaded on the Download folder of iCloud.

Step 10. Move the file from the iCloud download folder to the directory of an app that can play the file. For eg. move the downloaded file to the VLC media player directory and play the app using VLC. 

That’s it. You are ready to play the file you just downloaded from the torrent without using a PC or even extra apps with the comfort of safari. Now you can delete the file from and even iCloud download drive so that you can download another file again.

Using torrent on iPhone or iPad without any extra apps or tools for free
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