online depression checker

Select the boxes that match with your problem to know if you’ve depression. Only select the issues that have been troubling you for more than 2 weeks.

This is a simple online form. To know that you’ve actually depression select on the boxes that are similar to your problems.

You feel sad and have low mood most of the time.

You have suddenly lost interest in activities that were pleasurable for you few weeks ago.

You feel tired most of the time and feel like you don’t have enough energy to do things.

You either feel like sleeping all day or you have trouble falling asleep.

You cannot easily decide on things and you have trouble maintaining concentration while studying or doing works.

You have self-doubts most of the time and there has been sudden drop in your self-confidence.

You don’t feel like eating these days.

You have suicidal thoughts at times or you have even attempted suicide.

You’re easily agitated.

You feel guilty most of the times and you blame yourself for even others mistakes.

You have suddenly lost interest in all forms of sexual pleasure.