His entrance examination was in two weeks. He had already lost 4 years trying for it. His parents could hardly bear his hostel expenditures, studying MBBS in paying was completely out of context. But he wanted to be a doctor since he could even spell the word “doctor” properly. All his friends were in some colleges now doing undergraduate and some even about to complete it. He had become the biggest example of failure for his friends and relatives thus he avoided any sort of social interactions.

Amid all these inevitable darkness, he too had a source of sunshine in his life, her name was Ahaana. She was the source of happiness and calmness for him, in fact,  the only source. She was the color to his monochromatic life, the soothing voice in his chaotic world. She had also become two years senior to him though they’re of same high school batch. But she had promised never to leave him at any cost and always be there for him.

Love dies with the people but sometimes it dies before the people and this is what exactly happened here. She had started liking a classmate named Hemant. Hemant was stalking her since their classes commenced. Hemant was giving her all the attention and care that Vikram couldn’t give as Vikram was toiling day and night for his exam.

She too had started liking his presence in her life eventually. The guilt was killing her but she was not brave enough to battle her own conscience. She knew she had to say but was afraid to shatter his world. Then she made up her mind, called him and confessed everything in almost a single breathe.

Today was the worst day, perhaps the biggest nightmare he could ever dream of. He was completely heartbroken. He kept listening to her asking millions of questions to himself. His emotions were buried. He perceived that the love for him was already gone and she had still been with him because she pitied him.

Now the world was dark for him. Emptiness was sucking him like a black hole. Every embarrassing moment of his life was winding up in his mind. He considered himself the biggest failure, a useless creature. He remembered how sad his parents were due to him. He was shivering and slowly becoming senseless. His life was now a meaningless and torturous curse. The only way he thought of ending his painful life was deserting it. So he opened the window with his trembling hands and jumped.