make a website for free in nepal

‘Did you know that you can make a free website in Nepal provided you use “.np” domain name without any hidden costs?

To make a free website using,,, etc you need to have some valid documents issued by the government of Nepal. For personal websites you need to have a citizenship and for an organization you need to have a registration document.

Step 1. Open to get .np website in Nepal for free

website in nepal

In the check domain availability box, enter your domain name. Please make sure you enter the spelling of your name as given in your identity document. You can use your first name or even last name, but as far as I would suggest use your full name.

If your desired domain is not available, please try a combination of your name and initials. Note: For personal domains, you can only use as of now.

Step 2. If your domain is available then you will get a “Register now” button. Click on Register now. After clicking on Register now, you’ll be prompted to sign in.

Step 3. You need to register to continue. Click on the Create user button. Fill the form carefully and confirm your email.

Step 4. Log in again. You will see your requested domain in “New request/under approval” tab.
Select to edit the domain. If your domain isn’t there, please search for the domain again in the search box just above the “Your domain status” box and then click on the register now.

Step 5. Type the

in the name servers as shown in the picture.

Now in Administrative contact, fill all your details carefully.

In Technical contact, click on checkbox “Copy administrative contact”. and then click on “Save & Continue”. Now you will get a box to submit your documents.

Step 6. In document title select “registration or citizenship” document option. Now upload your scanned document of citizenship card for personal website or registration paper for organizational website.

You also need to write a cover letter. If you are writing cover letter for the website of an organization, please use letter pad of your organization and officially stamped. Instead of typing and getting the document printed, please write the letter in your own handwriting and then scan it. Letter should look similar to the below mentioned template.

To, Date : ……………………
The Host Master
Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd.
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal

Subject: About domain registration.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request you to register the domain name [********] under [my name/my organization name]. I have scanned and uploaded the required documents along with this letter.

I would be very much thankful to you if you accept my letter and my domain name gets registered. Kindly waiting for your response.


Your name

Your organization name


After submitting these documents, you will get a response in a few days. It’s possible that you might have done some mistake while filling up the form or submitting the documents. Have patience for this! They will always respond. If there were mistakes in the documents, redo according to their suggestion and resubmit them. It is possible that the process of the domain registration might have changed after I post this article, but the gist somehow remains the same.

Apart from domain registration, you also need a web hosting to run your website. Hosting is expensive but there are numerous free web hosting servers available. Though free they come with certain conditions. We can use free web hosting services like award-space, 000webhosts, etc. I personally prefer 000webhost because it is reliable and the server is blazing fast as it is cloud-based.

Step 7. Click on the link below to get started for web hosting if you want to use wordpress or other platforms

Cheapest and most reliable web hosting of Nepal – Babal Host

Then login to Babal host clients area and then install WordPress or other platforms with Softaculous.
For detail tutorial watch this Learn How to Install WordPress in C-Panel (Softaculous Apps Installer) | WordPress Tutorial – YouTube


You can use blogger to host your website for free. For that you need to use Cloudflare.

Step 7.1 Goto cloudflare and sign up.

Step 7.2. Go back to and re-enter the nameserver provided by cloudflare. It’d be something like and

Step 7.4 Now login to your blogger account > Go to Setting > Under “Publishing,” click Custom domain Add your domain and click on save button

Step 7.5 Open cloudflare

  1. Add these 4 A-records
  2. Under “Destination, Target or Points to,” enter “”
  3. Enter details for the second CNAME, which are specific to your blog and Google Account.
  4. If you get stuck here get detailed instructions at Set up a custom domain – Blogger Help (
  5. Wait few hours as it takes time for DNS propagation.

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