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Commonly done medical lab tests and their normal values

 List of commonly done medical lab tests with their reference range as set by different reputed institutes. Ammonia 15-50 µmol/L Ceruloplasmin 15-60 mg/dL Chloride 95-105 mmol/L Copper 70-150 µg/dL Creatinine 0.8-1.3 mg/dL Blood urea nitrogen 8-21 mg/dL Ferritin 12-300 ng/mL (men), 12-150 ng/mL (women) Glucose 65-110 mg/dL Inorganic phosphorous 1-1.5 mmol/L Ionized calcium 1.03-1.23 mmol/L […]

iPad or a PC. Which is better for a medical student?

Every medical student or doctor uses their laptops for: Reading PDF documents and eBooks Making, editing, or viewing presentations Taking notes Watching multimedia If any device can do that with ease, then it’s iPad Pro. It costs $799 and is still better value for money than Apple’s $2000 laptops. That should simplify iPad or a […]

Histology slides for medical students

Collection of the pictures of important histology slides taken from a microscope . The images are arranged according to Systems and are extremely useful for medical students. Contents: General Musculoskeletal System Central Nervous System Gastro-Intestinal System Cardiovascular system Respiratory System Reproductive System Renal System Endocrine System General Cuboidal gland Cube shaped, central nucleus. eg. salivary, […]

Anemia in Pregnancy

According to WHO, When hemoglobin concentration in the peripheral blood is 11gm.% or less it is defined as anemia.  According to CDC (1993), it is considered if the blood hemoglobin is below 10.5gm%.  In developing countries the incidence is 40-80 %. Anemia is responsible for 20% of maternal death in third-world countries. Normal physiological hematological […]

Causes and treatment of painful menstrual disorder

Dysmenorrhea means painful menstrual disorder of sufficient capacity, to affect day to day activity It is a symptom complex, with cramping lower abdominal pain, radiating to back and leg, often accompanied by GI and neurological symptoms as well as general malaise. Types of dysmenorrhea(painful menstrual disorder) Primary dysmenorrhea The pain of uterine is directly linked to […]

Useful Websites For Medical Students

These are a collection of best and useful websites for medical students consisting of medical resources, websites, forums, etc curated for medical students fully working in 2022. We have manually checked all the links and only added spam-free links. General – Search articles, case reports, research, journals, etc. using the power of Google Radiopaedia […]

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